Masterarbeit - Linear Regression
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Algorithms for computing line estimators

This project was initially the practical part of my master thesis at WWU Münster. The git-Tag 'Release' marks the state of the source code at the deadline of submission.

Since then, I started to improve the code. I switched the source code compatibility to Java 11 and replaced the Swing GUI with JavaFX.

How to checkout the Tag Release

First of all, you have to clone the repository.

$ git clone

After you cloned the project, switch to the directory (e.g. algorithms-for-computing-line-estimators) and use the git checkout command.

$ git checkout tags/Release

To get the Application running, on the System needs to be OpenCV installed in the Version 3.2.0. Alternatively you could update the version in the pom.xml.

Cheers, Armin Wolf!